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Transas marine simulation systems have been used extensively by specialists in commercial fleets, navies and coast guards. More than 5,500 Transas simulation systems are installed in over 950 training and simulation centers in 91 countries. Transas securely holds 40% of the international commercial maritime simulation market. Transas simulators are developed in line with key international maritime requirements (STCW, IMO model courses and specialized standards), and hold certificates from leading classification societies.

Navigational Simulators

  • NTPRO 5000. ECDIS Simulator
  • NTPRO 5000. Training to STCW and Beyond
  • NTPRO 5000: Tug, Mooring and Inland Operations
  • NTPRO 5000. Fishing Simulator
  • NTPRO 5000. VTS Simulator
  • NTPRO 5000. Offshore and DP Simulator
  • SAR Operations Simulator
  • NTPRO 5000: Ice Navigation Simulator
  • NTPRO 5000. Naval Applications
  • NTPRO 5000. Small Craft Simulator
  • NTPRO 5000. R&D Applications
  • Oil Spill Response Simulator

Engine room and cargo handling simulators

  • ERS 5000. Engine Room Simulator
  • Transas Liquid Cargo Handling Simulators
  • Refrigerator Plant Simulator
  • e-Tutor

GMDSS Simulator

  • GMDSS Simulator TGS 5000

Simulator development tools

  • Seagull 3D Visualization Toolkit
  • Ship Model Toolkit
  • Virtual Shipyard
  • Model Wizard

Crane Simulators

  • Transas Crane Simulator

Service and support

  • Service and Training